About RK

RK Technologies provides IT Support Contracts for your business to offer Full Support to give you the peace of mind. We offer multiple and flexible options for IT support which allows your business to completely outsource your IT systems, thus enabling you to focus completely on your business initiatives. We offer competitive and flexible IT Support Service tailored to your exact requirements. Our complete IT Support includes; Regular Onsite scheduled visits, compulsory regular visits to customer sites for preventive maintenance, Remote and Telephone IT Support and expedited service requirements.

Are you a small business entrepreneur in need of some computer help? Wanting some technology advice? Not sure where to go for support and information?

Love it or hate it, if you want to succeed in business, there's really no getting away from computers, technology and the internet. RK can provide the support and service of an IT department without the overhead costs.

Reliable and efficient IT support, Network Support for Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and GTA areas. Our services are best suited for small and medium business customers located in and out of Toronto and surrounding areas. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of computer networks, servers, workstations as well as network support & configuration. Our IT support consists of a wide range of IT services that include Site Assessments and proposals, Network support, Hardware and Software installations and configurations, data backups and migrations. RK Technicians are highly experienced and have over 10 years' IT industry experience with a huge span of knowledge to assist you with your IT needs.