RK Surveillance/ Security Systems

RK designs, installs and maintains these systems. RK specializes in IP based surveillance systems, analog to digital surveillance systems and wireless surveillance systems.

We offer complete installation and provide full training on all of our DVR systems.

To improve the lives and business success of our customers and partners, by providing the world’s best services and support to the security industry. We are a company that provides loss prevention tools in the way of Digital Video Recorder System for business owners. Not only will we sell you a digital video solution but we advise you of the best ways to use it without creating tension with your employees.

No matter if you are in storefront retail or warehouse wholesale, your company is suffering losses daily, whether it is cash, merchandise, or labor costs. Let us set you up with a digital video system that will enable you to monitor your business 24 hrs 7 days from anywhere in the world and start increasing your bottom line today. We are also professional technicians who can and will support you after the sale. Contact us today and let’s walk through what you need: to stop your losses today. We will help you build your own system and configure it for you.